Adidas Boxing

For over 80 years adidas has been paramount in the world of sports using innovation and technology to develop shoes, clothing and equipment that enable you to achieve your maximum potential.

That is why for over two years now, we have been working closely with the world’s top boxers to design and manufacture an innovative range of boxing equipment.

A direct result of adidas innovation, our new moulded gloves absorb shock better thanks to the addition of a gel. They also benefi t from improved ventilation due to ClimaCool® technology which is already widely used in adidas sports equipment.

Today you will discover a whole new line of products designed for different forms of boxing. By limiting the risks of injury and guaranteeing a greater comfort to boxers, our goal is to give more people access to this noble sport, particlarly children who should be introduced to boxing in the optimum safety conditions.

Adidas Boxing


Adidas Bandage Boxing Crepe 4.55 M Yellow Adidas Bandage Boxing Crepe 4.55 M Yellow (ADIBP03-455G)

The adidas bandage is made of 100% soft and slightly stretchy cotton and woven with a two-inch velcro closure.The bandage has a thumb loop to wear it on a easy way.Available in 5 colors.


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Adidas Speed 175 (kick)boxing gloves black/white Sale Adidas Speed 175 (kick)boxing gloves black/white (ADISBG175-90100VRR)

Don't miss out on these Adidas Speed 175 (kick)boxing gloves black/white. They are made from 100% Geunuine Leather and have a one piece moulded foam from wrist to finger tip ensuring maximum shock absorption. To ensure you have a secure fit they have a 7.5cm wide wrap around closing wrist strap for premium support. These gloves are highly durable and perfect for sparring and bag-work.



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Adidas Inner Gloves With Lining black/pink Sale Adidas Inner Gloves With Lining black/pink (ADIBP02ZPVRR)

The Adidas Inner Gloves With Lining black/pink are the ideal inner gloves for in your (kick),Bag Gloves or boxing gloves. Neoprene material to protect your knuckles. On the inner glove is a long bandage to fix your wrists. Also these gloves are CE certified and meet all European safety requirements.



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Adidas standard kick pad straight 10% discount Adidas standard kick pad straight (ADIBAC052S)

The Adidas standard kick pad straight is made of artificial leather, very sturdy and durable. Nylon straps attached at the rear to hold the kick pad. The padding is made of a 1.2 kg sturdy polyether foam which assures that the kick pad doesnt draw a vacuum. Also there are air holes so that the air can leave the pad when kicked against so the pad will not tear. All this together ensures a lot of training comfort. The pad is ideal to practice your punches and kicks, both the front and the side of your training partner. Finished with a zipper at the bottom.



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