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Boxing bags


Booster Training Dummy Booster Training Dummy (BTDUM)

Training dummy for athletes in the areas of Judo, MMA, Wrestling Wrestling doll made โ€‹โ€‹of artificial leather, filled with scraps of fabric - like a punching bag!
Arms and legs are flexible and suitable for practice of armbars and for realistic grappling techniques on the ground. All seams and transitions are stitched several times.
Height: ca. 170 cm Weight: ca. 20 kg


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Booster SB-2 speedbag Booster SB-2 speedbag (BOOSTERSB2)

This punching bag by Booster helps you train speed and precision. The Booster SB-2 speedbag is attached only at the top. The punch bag is made of leather and has solid seams that are stitched several times. It is a black and white punching bag with the logo of Booster displayed on it. The ball is delivered empty and can be inflated with a ball pump.


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