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DKN Smith Machine 20689 DKN Smith Machine 20689 (20689)

The DKN Linear DKN Smith Machine 20689 provides the super smooth action that all good quality smith machines have in common.The Solid Guide rods are hard chromed and placed at a 7 degree pitch to align with your natural body movement.

Linear bearings ensure the bar moves with silky smooth precision whether your training involves faster explosive movements or a slower more controlled style. 

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DKN A-frame Rack 20352 Sale DKN A-frame Rack 20352 (20352uitverkoop)

The DKN A-frame Rack 20352 features thick, non-slip rubber feet that are perfect for all gym flooring and it is designed especially for professional usage.

This rack has a robust bolt together design and offers solid all-steel construction ensuring ultimate durability.

It accommodates six pairs of DKN Rubber Hex Dumbbells.


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