Boxing set

Boxing set


Adidas Children/Junior Boxing set Adidas Children/Junior Boxing set (ADIBACJR)

The adidas junior boxing set consist a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves. The punching bag has nylon handles, so you can easily hang him up. The Punching bag is made of nylon which is user friendly. The boxing gloves are made of black PU in 6 oz, have a nice fit and protect your hands and knuckles very good. The punching bag is 43 x 19 cm and is filled with fabric scraps which absorbs the punches well.

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Ernesto Hoost Junior boxing set 2% discount Ernesto Hoost Junior boxing set (EHSET)

The Ernesto Hoost Junior boxing set is a black with gold junior boxing set.A good junior boxing glove made of 100% High Tech PU synthetic leather, 6 oz with Velcro closure.The bag is made of a soft OXFD parachute fabric, with zipper on top.The bag is filled with 5 kg of clean fabric scraps.CE approved and complete with three nylon straps and rectangular hooks.Dimensions: 43 x 19 cm.



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