Arm/Knee protection

Arm/Knee protection


Adidas Taekwondo forearm protector Sale Adidas Taekwondo forearm protector (ADITFP01VRR)

The Adidas WTF forearm protectors are anatomically shaped and designed for a perfect fit. The forearm protectors provide good protection of the forearm and are made of PU. The protectors have Velcro closure and are WTIF approved.


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Adidas elastic forearm protectors Adidas elastic forearm protectors (ADITEF01)

The Adidas forearm protectors are preshaped and designed for a tight fit. The protector is made of 100% polyester with foam padding for absorption of punches and kicks. The elastic backside makes it easy to put on and off. The protectors are suitable for any branch of martial arts where you want to protect your forearm against bumps or steps, like taekwondo and karate.


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Booster EKP elbow pads Booster EKP elbow pads (BOOSTEREKPELBOW)

The Booster EKP elbow pads are made to protect your elbows and absorb shocks well.The EKP elbow pads are made of elastic cotton.The EKP elbow pads are ideal for MMA training.


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Nihon Knee Protector Nihon Knee Protector (NIHPKNIE)

These protectors of adidas are ideal for extra protection during training or competitions for you and your training partner.The guards make sure you do not get chafing of the mat on your knee.The protector is made of polyester/cotton, padding consist of a special foam thats absorbs all falls on your knees perfectly.


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