Victory sports

Victory Sports is a sports brand that has already an established name in the sport. A brand with a passion for the sport as their slogan "Play with Heart" indicates.

Victory Sports products are developed by people who are closely involved in the sport and have own history in the sport. On this way they develop alway products that have a better value for your sport!

Victory Sports products are developed with a view to quality and ease of use for the most competitive price.

Victory sports


Victory Sports punching bag spring 14% discount Victory Sports punching bag spring (VSB021)

This punching bag spring is ideal to attach between the wall or ceiling attachment  and the punching bag chain to absorb the shocks. It also works sound absorbing, because all shocks will be absorbed by the spring and not by the screws in the wall. Recommended with each punching bag. The punching bag spring is suitable for all punching bags with a maximum weight of 70 kilograms. The spring has a diameter of 4.5 cm and is 11 cm long.



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